What’s new in ES2021, UI Jar, The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode,Build a Tetris game with HTML Canvas, CSS, and JavaScript


Site of the week

Motley Crowd was born from friendly relationships and shared interest in the future of events from the teams at Hello MondayDogstudio, and Set Snail.


UI Jar is the best place to get inspired by web designs, UI&UX, graphic designs. You can filter websites based on vast filter options such as color, style, and industry.

2) Build a Tetris game with HTML Canvas, CSS, and JavaScript on Autocode

By Janeth Ledezma Graziani in this guide, we will learn how to build a Tetris game so that we can recreate it on our own and continue practicing our JavaScript, DOM manipulation, and styling skills.

3) You want enabling CSS selectors, not disabling ones

An enabling selector is what I call a selector that does a job without disabling the particular rule. This article explain using the following example.

Let’s say we have list items and we want to add the margin to the last one.

4) vechaiui

VechaiUI works out of the box with create-react-app (including TypeScript version), Preact cli (with compat), Next.js, Gatsby and any other environment.

5) Feather

Collection of simply beautiful open source icons. Each icon is designed on a 24×24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.

6) Make some waves

Create svg waves and customize with different wave structure and colors. You can apply this design to hero image or web component to display waves at background.

7) What’s new in ES2021

By R. Alex Anderson Learn what is new in ES2021. This year, five proposals made the cut. All of these features are included in the latest versions of modern browsers, so feel free to use them in your projects. In this post, we’ll dive into what each of these proposals is about and how you can use them to improve your JavaScript code.

8) The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode

Maybe the hardest / most complicated part of building this blog was adding Dark Mode.

Not the live-embedded code snippets, not the unified GraphQL layer that manages and aggregates all content and data*, not the custom analytics system, not the myriad bits of whimsy. Freaking Dark Mode.

9) Beat Burger

By Buns N’ Roses:

Is a signature burger, inspired by legendary drummer [your favorite drummer here]. Transform this burger into a drum kit and play some sweet beats! you can use keywords to play this drums.