How to Create a Hover Tooltip with JavaScript, Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Compared)


How to Create a Hover Tooltip with JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a hover tooltip with JavaScript using the addEventListener method. The addEventListener method allows us to attach an event listener to an element, which will execute a specified function when the event occurs. In this case, we will use the addEventListener method to attach a mouseover event listener to an element, which will display a tooltip when the user hovers over the element. This can be a useful way to add additional information or context to your website or web application.

Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Compared)

This article compares and reviews the most popular web hosting solutions for WordPress websites. Our review covers the pros and cons of each platform, as well as highlights their strengths and weaknesses. We will also explore customer support, security, and noteworthy features. The hosting solutions we have covered are for all budget ranges: affordable, professional, and agency.

How to Create a Cover Page Transition

I love the fact that we can have a plethora of different animations here to “unreveal” or show the new content. So I’ve created a sequence that we’ll explore today in a short tutorial where we’ll have a look at some highlights of the structure and animations.

Creating Native Web Components

Native web components have been here for a while, but they still seem like the new kid on the block. Mainly due to the fact that they have a high barrier to entry, notably for beginners, and don’t have most of the features from the more established front-end frameworks. Nonetheless, they can be useful, especially for those who want to create framework-agnostic and reusable components. Today we will build some native web components with Minze, a simple JavaScript framework that makes it a breeze to create native web components.

SQL Injection in WordPress Core: CVE-2022-21661

In January 2022, a critical vulnerability was discovered in the WordPress core that allowed attackers to perform SQL injection attacks. Dubbed CVE-2022-21661, this vulnerability affects all versions of WordPress and could potentially allow attackers to take control of a WordPress website and its database.

Best Fashion Store Themes for WooCommerce

Fashion is arguably the most popular type of online store. Which also makes it highly competitive. But, a good website design can go a long way to leave a lasting impression on your customers. For this collection, we’re going to be focusing on WooCommerce themes tailored toward fashion stores. So, think of large visuals, funky product pages, and numerous unique features to help you get better conversions!

How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. It is commonly deployed as part of the LAMP stack (which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and, as of this writing, is the most popular open-source database in the world.

This guide outlines how to create a new MySQL user and grant them the permissions needed to perform a variety of actions.

How To Install Python 3 and Set Up a Local Programming Environment on Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial will guide you through installing Python 3 on your local Linux machine and setting up a programming environment via the command line. This tutorial will explicitly cover the installation procedures for Ubuntu 16.04, but the general principles apply to any other distribution of Debian Linux.