Build a todo list app with Flutter, Figma-Low-Code and Glass UI


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1) A minimal Todo mobile app made using Flutter.

To clone and run this application, you’ll need Git and Flutter installed on your computer. From your command line:

Key Features

  • Easily add and remove tasks
  • Organize tasks under categories. editing.
  • Personalize task category using color and icon.

2) Figma-Low-Code

Figma-Low-Code is an OpenSource project, that allows to use Figma designs directly in VUE.js applications. The low code approach reduces drastically the hand-off time between designers and developers, reduces front-end code and ensures that the Figma design stays the single source of truth.

3) Vscode Icons

Vs code extension for folder icons. vscode-icons uses Crowdin to provide translations for vscode supported languages.

vscode-icons is being shipped with a lot of features, like:

4) CSS Layout Generator

The CSS Layout Generator is a tool for creating the CSS & JSX for layout components.

The Braid Design System believes that components (such as React components) should not provide surrounding white space. Instead, spacing between elements should be the responsibility of a category of components known as Layout components. Components whose only function is to position their child elements.

A layout component would commonly control:

  • the direction of the children (example: top-to-bottom or left-to-right) &
  • space between children (example: a margin below each list item).

A simple example would be a layout component would be a <ul> for a list of text items. The styling of the text would be the responsbility of the <li> component. The <ul> could set the direction to go from top-to-bottom & add 16px of space between each list item.

5) Glass UI

Glassmorphism is a new design trend which is primarely based on the blurry effect of an element and a background. Although glassmorphism can be seen dated all the way back to Windows Vista, it has recently re-emerged with the macOS Big Sur update and it is increasinly being used across all platforms, including mobile apps, websites, and desktop programs.

6) Advanced CSS Animation Using cubic-bezier()

When dealing with complex CSS animations, there is a tendency to create expansive @keyframes with lots of declarations. There are a couple of tricks shared by Temani Afif that might help make things easier, while staying in vanilla CSS:

  1. Multiple animations
  2. Timing functions

7) Develop and Deploy a Blitz JS Application

This article will explain in detail how to deploy Note-taking application using Blitz Js framework. Blitzjs come with new features a “Zero-API” data layer abstraction that eliminates the need for REST/GraphQL, Built In Authentication System, Code Scaffolding, Recipes and it is Full stack instead of front end.