What is Tailwind CSS ? ? #1


What is Tailwind CSS exactly?

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework designed to enable users to create applications faster and easier. You can use utility classes to control the layout, color, spacing, typography, shadows, and more to create a completely custom component design — without leaving your HTML or writing a single line of custom CSS.
It’s a customizable and low-level CSS framework that provides all the building blocks to create designs without any styles.

Advantages of Tailwind CSS

  • No more names for CSS classes and Id.

  • Minimum lines of Code in CSS file.

  • We can customize the designs to make the components.

  • Makes the website responsive.

  • Makes the changes in the desired manner.

  • Tailwind CSS is a time saver

  • Tailwind’s utility classes are designed to serve one specific purpose

Why Tailwind CSS is different from other framework?

Tailwind CSS is a very popular CSS framework and it is one of the best-known CSS frameworks as a low-level, utility-first, and robust choice. The framework itself can be used progressively or as a foundation for your entire design and UI.

With this framework, one of its best features is you are not locked into an opinionated structure. Everything is progressive, you can just use the pre-defined CSS classes and start building your layout and design. No annoying overriding styles, just simple build blocks that you can follow.

It provides a lot more flexibility and control over what your application looks like than other CSS frameworks. This can enable you to create a more unique site.

To learn more about what Tailwind CSS is, what benefits it offers, and why you should use it, check out this video:

What is Tailwind? (and why is it awesome?)

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