Firebase can get too costly? I have the solution.


Firebase is great, except it can charge you like its drunk! See the better and open sourced project that is too good to even exist.

I want to build Sandpark

I can code, but time is precious

I would have used Django otherwise

Then I discover Firebase ❤️‍🔥

But I need CC to use Functions and it can charge me hefty sums of money

After searching a lot I find Appwrite


Its a backend as a service but the cool part is that its open sourced. Firebase has a lot of cool things, like simple Google Auth including many others. But then comes Appwrite and

Appwrite - Users.png

If this is not amazing, I dont know what it.

They also have Database, Storage and Functions with/without CRONJOBs.

So, what?

Well, Appwrite is open sourced, and you have the freedom to use it wherever you want. I know server cost is a thing and it can get large, but really? More than what Firebase will charge you if you have that level of traffic, not at all.

How to learn?

I tried looking for good videos, unfortunately its not too popular and hence not many great videos. But, their docs is really good. You will need to set it up on docker but besides that, its simple. Too simple in fact. Have a try, and you’ll thank me later.

How helpful?

I am building an MVP of Sandpark and you know what I am most likely gonna use Appwrite for it. They have real good support for Web and Flutter and that is exactly what I’ll be using. Day 1, backend figured out!

Shubham Gupta

Shubham Gupta

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