Top JavaScript trends in 2021


JavaScript remains one of the most popular and researched programming languages in 2020, with the Stack Overflow survey shows JavaScript topping the list as the most popular technology. Nearly 70% of professional developers worldwide use this programming language. Its popularity drives by its simplicity and the wide range of applications developed in JavaScript, from web development to non-browser environments.

1) JAMSTACK is gaining popularity

JAM stands for JavaScriptAPIsMarkup it is a new way of building websites and apps.

It gains huge popularity in 2020 and now many organizations are changing their stack to JAMSTACK. There are many reasons supports this migration is because JAMSTACK provides blazing fast sites, you can connnect your github account and deploy new commits directly through platform like Nelify. User loves speed of site and finds easy to read and stay longer on site.

Apart from speed their are many plugins and platform which makes JAMSTACK more faviourite of developers. Check this examples make gatsby site where youn can setup GATSBY site quickly as possible.

Other cool thing in JAMSTACK is great variety of themes check this site.

This is easy way to setup quick website here you can filter your favourite CMS, SSG, CSS. Many developers choose gatsby because it has more plugins and easy architecture.

2) Awsome Plugins

Dojo Too Kit

Dojo’s build tools are a crucial reason why Dojo is used on high-profile, high-traffic sites every day. Dojo’s package framework makes large-scale UI development projects simple to handle, and the build system layers on top to make the apps scream; all without requiring code changes.

There are many organizations use DOJO such as CISCO, MathWorks, Pearson, and IBM.


GSAP is Professional-grade JavaScript animation for the modern web.

Below is the example Animation you can do with GSAP

3)React js still on top

JavaScript offers a wide range of frameworks for fast and efficient app development. As a result, software developers are sometimes confused about the best framework for a given project. Many such developers choose React.js, which allows them to build robust and easily scalable web and mobile solutions.


According to Web Technology Surveys, AMP sites are growing in popularity. The trend continues to grow, and we expect AMP to increase its influence even more by 2021.

Google developed accelerated Mobile Pages technology to make web pages download faster. To do this, Google provides developers with ready-made, unmodified JavaScript code, and HTML and CSS frameworks. Google limits custom JavaScript on AMP pages because it is often a factor in slowing downloading speeds.

Many sites already use AMP, including Twitter, The Guardian, CNBC, Gizmodo, and others.

In addition to fast page loading, AMP has several other benefits:

  • Better SEO, as Google prioritizes AMP pages;
  • Users spend more time on the site because they don’t wait too long for the page to load;
  • Better monetization due to better use of images and banners in the HTML code;
  • Easier to find because Google shows pages in the Top Stories tab in Google search, so AMP content is shown first in Google search.

5) ES2021 / ES12 New Features

The new JavaScript features in ECMAScript 2021 are:

  • Numeric separators.
  • String replaceAll.
  • Logical assignment operator. And & Equals (&&=) OR & Equals (||=) Nullish Coalescing & Equals (??=)
  • Promise.any.
  • Private class methods.
  • Private Getters and setters.
  • WeakRef.
  • Finalizers.

6) TypeScript gaining more popularity

TypeScript is an open-source language which builds on JavaScript, one of the world’s most used tools, by adding static type definitions.

Types provide a way to describe the shape of an object, providing better documentation, and allowing TypeScript to validate that your code is working correctly.

Writing types can be optional in TypeScript, because type inference allows you to get a lot of power without writing additional code.

In short, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that has optional typing and compiles to plain JavaScript.


As the web continues to evolve, we expect that new JavaScript technologies will help this programming language maintain its position at the top of the software development rankings in 2021.

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