6 AI Tools for Programmers


AI won’t take your job, but the developers who use AI will. Artificial Intelligence is changing the software landscape with tools that have been a great relief to developers, in that it reduces the burden to build from scratch and increases productivity. ChatGPT, a recent AI tool by OpenAI has been the most talked about assistive tool not just in the tech space, but almost in every facet of life. It was adopted by writers, teachers, data scientists and almost all professionals in every field you can think of. The AI tools preceding ChatGPT didn’t get as much popularity and adoption as this, but it has been a great standout tool no doubt.

AI tools have a large resource of data that makes them pull out our requests in seconds. Software development consumes a lot of time and demands a lot of work from developers, but with assistive tools in AI today, the time required for some basic coding activities has reduced drastically. Today, I will be writing about AI tools that are relevant to us as developers and programmers, and how they will make our lives much more productive.

  1. ChatGPT: This is the rave of the moment, and truthfully it has been of great help in the lives of developers and programmers that have adopted it. ChatGPT can help you create boiler-plate code for your project, it can help create dummy JSON data to use in your project as well as help convert your code from one programming language to the other. There’s so much use for this AI tool, and I will advise you to adopt it. I have used it, and I also wrote about it in this article Using ChatGPT to Optimize Your Code. It’s a great tool to save time and increase your productivity.
  2. Github Co-Pilot: This is a great tool for developers who don’t want to write code from scratch. Github co-pilot is a sensitive AI tool that understands programming language prompts and helps you use those prompts to make suggestions according to the context of the functions and methods you want to achieve. It saves you all the stress of having to think and write code from scratch.
  3. Tabnine: This is an autocompletion AI tool that gives you suggestions on your next line of code. Just like the GitHub Co-pilot, Tabnine is not language specific, and it is sensitive enough to understand your code pattern.
  4. Jasper.ai: This is an AI tool that helps with content creation. You can use this AI tool to create dummy text instead of using Lorem Ipsum.
  5. Deepcode: This assistive tool helps you read your code, summarizes it and gives you suggestions on how to improve it. It also offers the benefits of auto-completion of code and refactoring of code.
  6. Visual Studio IntelliCode: This is a code-completion AI tool that lets you write fewer codes with its code suggestion abilities. It takes a cue from your variable names, analyzes the context of your code and then gives you a recommendation on its code completion options.

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