I wrote a fully-functioning File Explorer, using TypeScript.


I am very happy to introduce Xplorer to help you organize your files and/or folders.


Designed Out Of The Box

Xplorer is not written on traditional language like C, C++ or C#. It is written on TypeScript, HTML and SCSS, using the Electron framework, this makes Xplorer looks much more modern, and it will support theme customization in the future release. There are four available default themes for now.

Cross Platform

As I mentioned, Xplorer is powered by the web because it’s written with the Electron framework, this makes it possible to run Xplorer from any platform.

WindowsGaruda LinuxmacOS Catalina
Xplorer winXplorer linuxXplorer mac

File Preview


I know it’s quite annoying to open a file and close to search for the correct file users are searching for. Hence, I’ve implemented this native file preview feature, see available file types to preview here

Supports Multiple Tabs


Xplorer helps you organize your files easier by supporting multiple tabs 🙂

and many others more


You can reach the installer on GitHub release section


Xplorer is a File Explorer built on TypeScript, focused on modernization and customization. It will support extension just like VSCode does. (thought by the time I write this documentation, the feature to user to auto generate their theme is not done yet, but it will be ASAP).

Contributors in need.


GitHub link: https://github.com/kimlimjustin/xplorer
Documentation site: https://xplorer.vercel.app

Why it was built using TypeScript?

  • Typed Secured
  • TypeScript/JavaScript has became the most used language.
  • TypeScript has a very strong community.
  • Can be run in various OSes.
  • You can easily write plugin using TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Modern layouts can be built using the HTML and CSS via Electron.
  • I’m bad at C/C++ xD

Any comments will be appreciated 🙂 Thanks

Happy coding! 🎉

Justin Maximillian Kimlim

Justin Maximillian Kimlim

Hi! I'm Justin from Indonesia. I am a high school student who loves programming.