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WordPress (WP, WordPress.org) is a free open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP [4] and bundled with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a sample system called Plugin Architecture and Themes in WordPress. WordPress was originally developed as a blog publishing system, but has evolved to support more traditional types of web content, including mailing lists and forums, media galleries, member sites, learning management systems (LMS) and stores online stores. As of March 2021, WordPress has been used by more than 40.5% of the top 10 million websites.  WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions used. WordPress was also used for other areas of the application, for example Comprehensive Display Systems (PDS).

WordPress Admin Panel

Websites Build on WordPress:

  1. TechCrunch.
  2. The New Yorker.
  3. BBC America.
  4. Bloomberg Professional.
  5. The Official Star Wars Blog.
  6. Variety.
  7. Sony Music.
  8. MTV News.

Main Advantage

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Custom posts
  • SEO
  • Quick posts and pages
  • Easy site settings


Drupal is a form of content management system. Many of the websites and software you use on a daily basis are built with it. Drupal comes with a lot of great standard features, such as simple content authoring, dependable efficiency, and strong protection. But it’s simplicity that sets it apart; modularity is one of its guiding principles.

Drupal has been around longer than WordPress, but it does not have WordPress’s massive market share. Drupal, which was first released in 2000, now powers 2.3 percent of all websites and controls 4.6 percent of the content management system industry.

Drupal Admin View

Websites use Drupal

  • GE’s Drupal Website.
  • Cobra Electronics’ Drupal Site *
  • Tesla Motors‘ Drupal Site.
  • Whole Foods Drupal Website.
  • Timex Using Drupal.
  • Nokia Using Drupal.
  • McDonald’s Australia Using Drupal.
  • Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

Main Features

  • New Theme Engine. Drupal 8 includes a brand new theming engine called Twig, which is PHP-based, flexible, fast, and secure. …
  • Mobile First From The Get-Go. …
  • More HTML5 Power to You. …
  • Multilingual Ready. …
  • Manage Your Configuration. …
  • Easy Authoring. …
  • Quick Edits. …
  • Views Now Part of Core.


Joomla is a content management system (CMS) for publishing web content on websites that is free and open source. Discussion forums, photo galleries, e-commerce, user groups, and a variety of other online applications are examples of web content applications. Joomla is created by a group of volunteers with the help of Open Source Matters, Inc.’s legal, operational, and financial resources. Joomla is a PHP-based website that use object-oriented programming techniques and software design patterns and stores data in a MySQL database. It is reliant on the PHP Symfony platform for applications. Page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, scan, and language internationalisation support are all included in Joomla.

Websites uses Joomla

  • IKEA. IKEA is a prominent ready-to-sell furniture store using Joomla websites. …
  • LINUX. …
  • Lipton Ice Tea. …
  • Holiday Inn. …
  • The Hill. …
  • United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe UNRIC. …
  • ITWire.

Main Features

  • Multilingual. Joomla is one of the most popular and widely supported open source multilingual CMS platforms in the world, which offers more than 70 languages. …
  • Well-Supported. …
  • Easy Updates. …
  • Integrated Help System. …
  • Banner Management. …
  • Media Manager. …
  • Contact Management. …
  • Search.


If you see April, 2021 google trends wordpress is growing far much higher than drupal and joomla that means more and more developer will get attracted to wordpress. Apart from trend wordpress interface is easy to learn and almost can do anything todays.

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