Before I Die Code: Week 3 Roundup and Gratitude for Our Open Source Contributors


Hello everyone! 👋 Xander Clemens here, and I am thrilled to thank all the contributors to my open-source project, Before I Die Code 🚀, in video format after the third week of being live. Before I Die, Code is a React ⚛️ open-source project where developers share what they want to do before they die. Check out the repo in the description of this video.

👉 Before I Die Code GitHub Repository

I want to thank the following contributors from week three:

👨‍💻Tyler Celestin 🇺🇸 from Brooklyn, New York, USA. His Before I Die statement is to sincerely appreciate great design and aesthetics. In that same vein, he would cherish the opportunity to travel to vistas that exhibit careful and detailed architecture that is synergistic with their cultural and environmental surroundings. One of those places is, of course, Japan, which is renowned for its talented engineers and attention to green practices. One of his dreams is to work in the field of design, or potentially civil engineering, if possible.

Thank you, Tyler, for sharing your thoughtful statement and adding feedback and suggestions on enhancing the Before I Die Code.

👩‍💻 Negar-Nasiri from Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹. Her before I die statement is about owning her own business, generating income, creating numerous job opportunities for others, and leaving a significant mark on the world.

Additionally, Negar has contributed her design and front-in skills to enhance the UI of Before I Die and add a randomized color function when viewing contributors’ Before I Die text contributions.

Next, Hanny Jngra from Mahendragarh, Haryana, India🇮🇳. His statement is to write a science fiction and romantic novel before he dies.

Additional assistance this week has come from Jyoti Pal of Hyderabad, Telangana, India 🇮🇳 for beginning work to create a random generator React component that displays on the webpage to thank the project’s Contributors.

Additional work-in-progress contribution is coming from EniacTNB of Beging, China, and Lucas Firmo of Campo Mourão, Paraná, Brazil, for translating documentation for the Before I Die Code into Mandarin and French.

Lastly, Luciano Juarez Sanchez, again from the previous week’s contribution, has contributed further by helping to assist with the layout of all the translated README documents with displayed language flags to assist in reading our documentation in another language.

Thank you all for helping Before I Die Code 🚀 grow this week! Together, we continually build out this project to be one of the top destinations new developers go to when first learning about how to get involved in open source projects and, in the process, learn the git workflow and define for themselves time to think and share with yourself and others what it is you want to do before you die. If you want to learn more about this project, you can read the documentation of this project in the repo and also visit to see a source of inspiration for this open-source project.

👉 Before I Die Code GitHub Repository

We welcome contributions to improve UI, tech stack, and continually adding value for developers.

Star ⭐️ the repo and fork 🍴 to get involved in open source! Let’s keep sharing dreams 🌅. Thanks for watching, and have a great week! 😊

👉 Before I Die Code GitHub Repository

Alexander Clemens

Alexander Clemens

I am a software engineer originally from Alaska🥶 Living in South America, learning Spanish and tech stacks dealing with React ⚛️, Python, APIs, the large umbrella ☂️ of AI and entrepreneurship 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻, and tango🕺💃