Weavv CSS: Ultra-Wide screen is a new design.


Hi everyone! I just released a long-postponed project yesterday. It’s called WEAVV CSS. A low-level functional CSS framework has more than 100+ utility components and countless component APIs to have more freedom to manipulate the UI design as flexibly as possible.

This low-level CSS framework’s main go-to emphasizes ultra-wide screen size and allows designers to occupy extra spaces for more aesthetic creativity. The default enabled screen size is 3k & 4k. Up to 8k supported. I want to see how WEAVV users manipulate this CSS framework on ultra-widescreen design. Thanks, everyone!

The playground is a tool to test and play around with WEAVV CSS without further installation.


Github Page (https://github.com/weavv/weavv-css-documentation)


Louis Low

Louis Low

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