Write docz in 5 steps.


When I wanted to write some documentation. Earlier I had used Jekyll with Github pages. Then I had to create all the stuff by hand. Now I am going to introduce Docz in 5 steps…

It’s never been easier to document your things!

Built-in components
  • Powered by Gatsby
  • Zero config
  • Easy to customize
  • Based on MDX
  • Fully pluggable
  • TypeScript support

Run following commands to setup it

1. Create

npm init # Use `-y` to quick run

2. Installation

yarn add docz react react-dom


npm install docz react react-dom

3. Start dev build

yarn docz dev


npx docz dev

4. Write

write this file to

name: Hello world
route: /

# Hello world

Hello, I'm a mdx file!

5. Enjoy

open https://localhost:3001 or what else printed in console.

Visit https://www.docz.site/ for more
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